The List Running Log [Aug. 30, 2021]

A running log for the period of August 24th-30th of candidates who need their phone taken [including tweets that slipped through the cracks from the prior period].

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Offense: “Right now, there’s not enough data to support getting an mRNA #COVID19 vaccine (COMIRNATY/Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna) booster after getting Johnson & Johnson’s (J&J) vaccine. 

However, people who received J&J will probably need a booster dose.


-Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

Offense: “Pray for American missionaries in Afghanistan.

There are reports that some families may have been killed.

Islam is not a religion of peace.”

-Jennifer Rubin 

Offense: “Taliban is asking, not telling: “We are asking the Americans, please change your policy and don’t encourage Afghans to leave,”


-Rep Thomas Massie


-Daily Mail Online

Offense: “Taliban vow to tackle CLIMATE CHANGE and set out eco credentials amid civilian executions”

-Jim Cramer

Offense: “marveling at Dick's== wow.. $DKS”

-Ruben Gallego

Offense: “I look forward to hearing from this hero who helped stop the terrorists on January 6th.”

-Seth Abramson

Offense: “I was *very* upset at Biden over the last week. But the more I research what's happening in Afghanistan, the more it's clear that this is a ticking time bomb Trump *deliberately* slipped into the Resolute Desk before leaving. I'm no longer convinced much of this is Biden's fault.”

-Paul Waldman 

Offense: “Joe Biden is a Democratic president. Which means:

1. He has to clean up a Republican's mess

2. He wants govt to do complex things

3. He gets held to standards no Republican has to meet

My latest:”

-Walker Bragman

Offense: “Vaccines alone are not a viable way to end this pandemic. We need to pay people to stay home.”

-Lil Nas X

Offense: “now that tony hawk has released skateboards with his blood painted on them, and there was no public outrage,  are y’all ready to admit y’all were never actually upset over the blood in the shoes? and maybe u were mad for some other reason?”

-New York Magazine

Offense: “President Biden's political "fiasco" in Afghanistan is not a development that the media covered so much as one that it created. @EricLevitz writes”

-Tom Leykis

Offense: “Gee, sorry to hear that! One less vote for the #Trumptards of the future! #COVID19”


-Brian Tyler Cohen

Offense: “Someone should ask him if he’d be willing to go and fight.”

-Jonathon Chait

Offense: “One of the most important structural asymmetries in American politics is that Republicans have a mass media ecosystem that always supports them, while Democrats don't”

-Tim Young 

Offense: “Thank a Biden voter for every death in Afghanistan.”

-Jerome Bell

Offense: “Pray for those 4 marines so far that have lost their lives today trying to evacuate Americans.

And there was no American loss of life in Afghanistan under Trump.”


Offense: “Celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in March Through Time, a new experience in Fortnite Creative:”


Offense: “While many vets are being outed as far-right extremists, one branch keeps popping up when it comes to neo-Nazis: the United States Marine Corps.”

-Todd Starnes 

Offense: “For every American who is killed, a city in Afghanistan should be wiped off the face of the Earth.”

-Keith Edwards 

Offense: “12 people died in Afghanistan. 

901 died in in Florida yesterday because of covid.

And you're mad at who?”

-Eric Topol

Offense: “Hello @LeaderMcConnell”

-Mayor Bill de Blasio

Offense: “A group of right wing extremists just decided to throw families out of their homes during a global pandemic.

This is an attack on working people across our country and city. New York won’t stand for this vile, unjust decision.”

-SMA Michael Grinston

Offense: “Diversity is a number - do you have people that don’t look or think like you in the room? Inclusion is listening and valuing those people. 

#WomensEqualityDay reminds us we’re smarter and more lethal when we come together as an inclusive, cohesive team. Our values demand it.”

-Malcolm Nance

Offense: “20 YEARS- FYI there have been terrorist suicide bombers killing civilians nearly DAILY in Afghanistan. This ain’t new. It’s why we are leaving. #DealWithIt”

-Ben Makuch

Offense: “While the US military writ-large has a far-right extremism problem, mounting evidence suggests the Marine Corps has a serious neo-Nazi problem (and it isn’t new). My latest for @VICENews looking at the USMC and its links to domestic terror.”

-Chris Hayes

Offense: “Again, probably A THOUSAND people are going to die today from Covid.”


-Cato Institute

Offense: “As we fight our way out of the COVID-19 pandemic, a salient question lingers: Are vaccine mandates justifiable from a libertarian perspective? #CatoCOVID #CatoSCOTUS” 


-Sean Trende

Offense: “Repulsive. If you aren't vaccinated and other people need an ICU bed, we should unplug you, throw you in the family station wagon, and wish you luck. I'd even throw in the ivermectin for free.”

-Jennifer Rubin

Offense: “I'm reminded of the scene at the end of Schindler's List where we see those he saved and their children. He saved roughly 1200. Now imagine the photo that would capture the 110,000 or so saved and their children. "Whoever saves one life saves the world entire"”


-Alyssa Milano

Offense: “I’m proud of @POTUS and the incredible job he’s doing. He’s the right person for the job in this moment in history. 


-Arne Duncan

Offense: “Have you noticed how strikingly similar both the mindsets and actions are between the suicide bombers at Kabul’s airport, and the anti-mask and anti-vax people here?

They both blow themselves up, inflict harm on those around them, and are convinced they are fighting for freedom.”

-Dean Obeidallah

Offense: “Donald Trump is the Osama Bin Laden of the Jan 6 terrorist attack.

It's time to #BringBackTrump to face criminal charges!  #DonaldBinLaden”

Projected top 10:

  1. Arne Duncan

  2. Todd Starnes

  3. Tom Leykis

  4. Walker Bragman

  5. Mayor Bill de Blasio

  6. Keith Edwards

  7. Dean Obeidallah

  8. Ruben Gallego 

  9. Daily Mail Online

  10. CDC

Top honorable mentions: Rep Thomas Massie. Cato Institute, Brian Tyler Cohen, Sean Trende